Protective Coatings for Your Concrete Floor- What Will Work Best

Having your home with a concrete floor may be sturdy, but time comes that this will look so dull, making your home look so boring, plain and lifeless, which is the reason why lots of concrete floor coatings were born in the market to save your floor from getting into an ordinary looking area inside your home. Yes, there are so many types of protective coatings for concrete floors that have already been discovered, so you might wonder what will do best with yours. The following will serve as your guide.
Concrete Floor Sealer- this one comes with a clear or may be with tinted colors with different shades and using this will first require you to prepare the surface. This has the sole purpose of protecting the concrete floor from marks and stains that may be brought by frequent foot traffic on it, protection against exposure to pilled chemicals and liquid substances as well as with acidic substances spilled on it.By this, you will be able to maintain the gloss and shine on your concrete floor. Glass splashbacks services in Melbourne.

Concrete Flooring stains- This type is of the acid stains to be applied on your concrete floor with the purpose of dying it. This is to be applied together with a sealer so that there will be enhancement of your floor’s aesthetics and shine. It is up to you which kind of stain you use, if you want an easier cleanup, best choose water based stains for they may also come with color varieties. For a perfect finish, have it top coated with a clear type sealer.
Concrete Floor Painting- this is also known as the epoxy floor paint that are used best for basement and garage floors. Always choose the good quality type of concrete floor painting with trusted brands, surely , this will give you a long time effect. You are in need to prepare your concrete flooring this time, in order for the adhesion to work best. Application of this is just a piece of cake with the use of roll on and pieces of colorful chips, the outcome would be perfect.
Concrete Floor Dye- This one works similarly with stains mentioned above. Both of them comes to water or acid bases. Combination of which will give you magical colors but you must always try to mix first for the desired color before application. Top it all off with a clear epoxy to make it look more attractive.
Concrete Floor Overlay- This one is for you to use when you want to have a total makeover on that dull looking concrete floor of yours. This includes underlays that are already self -leveled with a purpose of repairing floors with uneven leveling. This may come with concrete use micro finish also for repairing the floor as well as to offer canvass for the concrete flooring stains.
These are the different types of concrete floor protective layers you may choose from, time for floor rejuvenation.