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In order to promote good health and the highest quality of life for your pet, it is important to encourage your pet to exercise. To find out how you can help your pet exercise regularly, and how installing an invisible fence in your backyard can keep your pet safe without restricting his freedom, read this article.

What problems can result from lack of exercise
If your dog or cat does not get enough exercise, both you and your pet will be affected. Behaviorally, your dog may become restless and expend his or her energy destructively chewing or scratching your furniture, carpet, and other objects in your home. Your pet may have trouble sleeping, which can keep you up at night as well. Your pet’s health will also be adversely affected, as he or she will be more susceptible to obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and a variety of other health problems.

Why outdoor exercise is so important
Since most pets love the outdoors, where they have room to roam and explore, outdoor exercise is an especially positive activity for your pet. In addition to taking your dog on regular walks or adopting a feline exercise regimen for your cat, you can train your pet to exercise on his own in your backyard. Even an otherwise indoor cat will benefit from some time outdoors.

How an invisible pet fence can help
By installing a pet door in your home, your dog or cat will be able to pass freely between your home and your backyard, exercising whenever he or she wishes. The installation of an invisible pet fence will keep your pet safe while he or she plays in your backyard, without detracting from the beauty of your property.

Are you a pet owner who would like to learn more about what the best St. Augustine and  Jacksonville invisible fence system can do for you and your pet? If so, Pet Stop of NorthEast Florida can help. Call us at (888) 451-7965 to find out more about our pet doors and pet fencing systems.

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We recently discussed the importance of effectively fencing your yard and the advantages of the Pet Stop fencing system. You can find further information about these topics with the links below. To learn more about invisible fences in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, call Pet Stop of NorthEast Florida today at (888) 451-7965.

  • This article from Dog Time provides additional information about the importance of exercise for dogs.
  • You can find additional information about what sets Pet Stop apart from other fencing options on the manufacturer’s website.

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An invisible pet fence has many advantages; as its name suggests, this system is not visible to the naked eye and cannot be bypassed by jumping or digging. An invisible pet fence will work optimally for you and your dog if you gradually introduce him to the fence and how it works. To properly train your dog, you need to teach him where the boundaries of the fence are. This can be easy if you follow these steps:

Create a Marker
Of course, you can’t simply tell your dog that there’s a fence along your property line, so you must create a physical marking as a point of reference. The type of marking you use it up to you, so long as it’s obvious and follows the line of the invisible fence continuously. Use markings that are temporary and can be taken down as soon as your dog has grasped the concept of the invisible pet fence. 

Teach Your Dog to Avoid the Marker
You can teach your dog to avoid the markers—and thereby the fence—by turning the lesson into a game that ends with treats and praise. Run toward the marker with your dog, and then turn around once your dog’s collar starts beeping. Run back toward the house, give your dog a treat, and then practice the process until he can do it on his own. 

Teach Your Dog the Consequences of Getting too Close to the Fence
In order for your dog to truly understand that he should stop approaching the fence once his collar starts beeping, he will have to experience the fence’s electric deterrent system. Have your dog come close to the fence’s boundary once, and then immediately remove your dog and give him treats and comfort. This system is entirely safe, and with the proper training and preparation, your dog will happily play in your yard without testing the fence.

If you’re interested in the possibilities of an invisible pet fence, contact Pet Stop of NorthEast Florida. Pet Stop of Northeast Florida carries a variety of pet containment systems, including invisible fences and pet doors. So, if you’re looking for the best invisible fence in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas, call Pet Stop of NorthEast Florida

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Being willing to remain standing on command is a behavior that is very useful for any dog, especially when it comes to vet exams and grooming appointments. You may also find this command useful if you intend to enter your dog in competitions.

This video features step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog to stand and stay. The trainer in this clip first uses the “capture” method to reward his dog for a behavior performed naturally. Find out how to teach a dog to stand with the lure-and-reward training method shown in this video.

An invisible fence is a great option for dog owners who wish to train their pets outside without being hindered by a leash. To learn more about invisible underground fences,

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Pets have a natural tendency to roam, and a fence is a great solution for keeping your pet safe in your yard. Pet Stop’s invisible fence options are the perfect choice for keeping your pet in a secure area while maintaining the openness and beauty of your landscape. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of Pet Stop’s fencing systems.

Unlike traditional fences, underground fences are appropriate for small spaces, large spaces, and oddly shaped spaces. You can also adjust the correction settings of your fence to fit your yard and your pet’s needs. An invisible fence allows your pet to explore the yard while being prevented from entering certain areas, such as gardens and porches. Lattice Factory provides best fence screening in Melbourne.

Combination of Collar, Transmitter, and Fence Line
Our fencing systems use multiple technologies to help keep your pets safe. The fence line establishes the ultimate boundary for your pet. A transmitter allows you to make sure that your system is always working and lets you adjust the correction settings for the receiving collar, which also alerts you of low batteries.

Smart Zone and Fail-Safe Zone
Pet Stop’s fencing system uses multiple correction zones to keep pets safe. When your pet enters the Smart Zone, an audible warning is emitted that reminds your pet that he or she is nearing the underground fence boundary. After a certain period of time in the Smart Zone, your pet can receive a correction. If your pet continues into the Fail-Safe Zone at the edge of the fence line, then a correction is given immediately.

Indoor Solutions
Pet Stop also has solutions for containing your pets inside your home. Our indoor systems allow you to keep pets off of your counter tops and furniture, as well as out of certain rooms or areas of your house.


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