Wanna Have A Drink So Do We But What Should We Order

Hey Party Animal,

Whats up with getting a bit loose every now and again?  Well, with most all things in health, it DEPENDS on who you are and your goals.  If your #1 priority for a short amount of time is weight loss, increased insulin sensitivity, or athletic performance you may want to hold off on the booze until you get where you want to be with those goals first.  With that being said, for a baseline healthy individual, should we NEVER consume alcohol?  After all, it is a fermented beverage and fermented products are good for us right?  Well, yes and no.

In our opinion, if you have an occasional drink in a social atmosphere with friends and family the benefits of that experience far outweigh the negatives. Laughing and socializing with friends and family offer benefits we cant exactly measure with macronutrient levels (protein, carbs, and fats) or calories.  This socializing does not have to be experienced with alcohol of course but for many it is worth the potential negatives for the buzz of the alcohol.  We are not in the business of babysitting and we all know what our own healthy stopping point is.  At the end of the day we must weight the risks vs. rewards for ourselves.

So, with that being said lets pony up to the bar and have ourselves a drink already.  So, what to order?  There are some obvious best choices here so listen up and lets get loose and remember manuka bars are a great compliment to all the following beverages.

Beer: MAYBE. Unless it’s certified gluten free, beer will be made from any number of grains, usually barley or wheat. Gluten free beer is made from sorghum and other GF grains. All grains are still inflammatory and can be harmful to the gut lining, so limit consumption of GF beers.

Brands reco: (in order of preference for us) Brunehaut, Green’s, New Planet, Bard’s, Redbridge, New Grist, St. Peter’s

Tequila: YES. Only purchase 100% agave tequila, if not it’s 51% plant and the rest is sugar.

Brand reco: Petrone.

Recipe: Try the NorCal Margarita made famous by Robb Wolf: Combine tequila, the juice & pulp of 1 fresh lime, ice, and soda water for an awesome drink.

Vodka: MAYBE. Look for vodka that is distilled from grapes, potatoes, or a fruit like coconut. Dont buy vodka distilled from cereal grains.

Brand recos: Ciroc (grapes), Chopin & Blue Ice (potatoes), VuQo (coconut)

Gin: NO. Made from the distillation of fermented grain mash & then infused with botanicals such as Juniper berries in the second distillation, so it’s out.

Veev: YES. Liqueur distilled from acai berries.

Hard cider: YES. Tends to be higher in natural sugars so stick to the very dry ciders, purchase organic as apples are on the dirty dozen list, and make sure there is no added sugars or preservatives in the ingredient label. Homemade cider is extremely easy to make and then you know exactly what youre getting in your booze. Try googling for recipes.

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